Bodoland at a Glance

Bodoland is the gateway to the beautiful North Eastern Region of India, which was created very recently by curving out some area of eight districts of Assam namely Kokrajhar, Dhubri, Bongaigaon, Barpeta, Nalbari, Kamrup, Darang and Sonitpur within the state of Assam. It is an autonomous Administrative unit constituted under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India covering an area of 8795 Sq. Km (Provisional).

The administrative unit has been created with a mission to accomplish development in the area of economic, education, preservation of land right, linguistic aspiration, Socio-culture and ethnic identity of Bodos and above all to speed up the infrastructure development of communities in the BTC area. The actual functioning of council was started on 7th December 2003 by constituting the 12 members of the Council provisionally. After the Council Election on 13th May/05 and subsequent bye election in November/2005 all the 40 Members of Legislative Council has been formed to look after the development works in the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts. The remaining 6 (Six) Members are nominated by the Governor of Assam from the unrepresented Communities. Thus altogether 46 M.C.L.As represent in the Council from all communities of BTC Area for area development. As per Memorandum of Settlement in the tripartite talks in the year 2003, 40 (Fourty) subjects has been entrusted to the BTC Authority for all round development of the people in this area. Subjects namely (i) Tribal Research Institute, (ii) Lotteries and Theatres etc., (iii) Intoxicating liquors etc., (iv) Registration of Birth and Death yet to be taken up by the council. The entire area covered under the BTC has been recognized with Kokrjhar as original district and forming other new district thus totaling 4(four) districts in BTC Area. The area under those four district has been estimated as follows:

Sl No             Name of the District            Area in Sq. Km.

1                    Kokrajhar                          3169.2

2                    Chirang                            1069.96

3                    Baska                               3056.89

4                   Udalguri                            1673.93

* Provisional Report.



     The geographical boundary of BTC lies between 260 7'12'' N to 260 47' 50'' N Latitude and 890 47' 40'' E to 920 18' 30'' E Longitude and is in the North Western part of Assam. Kokrajhar town the Administrative Head Quarter lies roughly between 260 25' N Logitude and 990 16' 38'' E Latitude.

   Its strategic location is blessed with beautiful forests with of flora and founa.


    The population of BTC area as per 2001 Census report is 29.2 Lakhs out which the ST population is around 52% of which only 3% of the total population of live in urban area.The average density of the population in BTC is 326 Sq.K.m. compared to 340 per Sq.K.m. of Assam. Amongst the Tribal population Bodos, Rabhas and less quantity of Garos are inhabiting in this area out which Bodos will be 90%. The other communities like Ransbanhis, Sarania are which are also originated from Bodo group are inhabiting in large part of BTC. Besides Tea and Other Ex-Tea tribes including Santhal, Orao etc. are also available. Moreover, other general communities like Bengali, Assamese, Nepali and few numbers of Hindi speaking people are also found in the Council area.

Administrative Boundary:

      The Bodoland Territotial Council orBTC has been divided into four districts for administrative purpose. It has been further subdivided into 10 Civil Subdivisions and 40 Development Blocks, some of which are partly in BTC area and partly outside. The provisional geographical area of BTC is 8795Sq.Km.



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